SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor Review

SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor Review


50 Words or Less


SkyTrak guarantees to be a simple to utilize, proficient quality dispatch screen at a value that is around 1/3 of its closest rivalry… and it conveys.




Regardless of whether you live in delightful San Diego, you can’t prevent the interest from securing having a stunning indoor golf studio – a place where you could hit balls, get genuine input, and play recreated rounds every minute of every day. The issue, obviously, is that these studios keep running into the profound five figures rapidly, well past the methods for general golfers.


However, imagine a scenario in which the cost of a dispatch screen was brought inside reason. Consider the possibility that you could get proficient quality information without offering a kidney. That is the guarantee of SkyTrak, the main dispatch screen to guarantee business review precision at a reasonable cost.


Convenience and Set-Up


Utilizing SkyTrak is as simple as utilizing any Bluetooth gadget. To start with, you have to download the free SkyTrak application to your iPad (yes, it’s right now iPad as it were). At that point set down your SkyTrak, control it on, associate it your iPad, and you’re prepared to go.


SkyTrak ventures a red laser onto the ground where you have to put the ball to get a perusing. In the event that you set a ball on the spot and hit a shot, you can read the consequences of the shot on your iPad seconds after the fact. The unit has a sensor that successfully self-levels it, there’s no adjustment required, and a solitary charge resolve it for five hours.


The application is anything but difficult to utilize and natural. There are a few bugs and a few capacities that it’s as of now missing – the capacity to erase shots, for example – however I expect that these will be resolved as the application is redesigned after some time and the fundamental usefulness is there.




When I discuss the adequacy of SkyTrak, what I’m extremely talking about is exactness: is this similar to Trackman, FlightScope, and Foresight or not? The short answer is yes. We tried SkyTrak specifically against both Trackman and Foresight* and observed the outcomes to be fundamentally the same as.


As an educator and a fitter, I have certainty utilizing skytrack golf with my understudies and customers. As a golfer who requests the most precise information, I have no worries about utilizing SkyTrak to enhance my amusement.


One point that ought to be made about the information is that SkyTrak just measures the golf ball. It reports a club head speed number, however this is a gauge and it accept an unadulterated strike. I have observed it to be genuinely precise, yet it ought to be comprehended this is a figured, not estimated, esteem.


Past the precision of its information, SkyTrak is compelling in light of the fact that it makes honing fun. Any individual who has ever hit a ball into a net realizes that the appeal of that action is rapidly lost. When you see genuine outcomes, be that as it may, it turns out to be considerably more fun and helpful. Moreover, there are Closest to the Pin and Long Drive challenges that you can play with companions or without anyone else’s input. At last, SkyTrak will enable you to play virtual rounds of golf through World Golf Tour beginning in Q2 of 2015.


*Full exposure: Because both SkyTrak and Foresight should be in generally a similar place, we couldn’t have the two units measure similar shots. Rather, we hit extensive amounts of shots in a similar situation around the same time with the two machines and looked at the information.


Refresh 9/29/15: after 9 months, despite everything I observe the precision of SkyTrak to be brilliant, I have discovered that it does sporadically miss shots. On the off chance that SkyTrak misses a couple of shots in succession, fueling the unit down and restarting it commonly settles the issue. It is disappointing, nonetheless, when the one shot that you completely flush doesn’t get estimated.


It’s likewise significant that golf reproduction is as yet not accessible.


Refresh 10/29/15: Golf reenactment is presently accessible through WGT. Tragically, some different changes have happened, as well. Without buying in to a yearly arrangement, you just get a stripped-down form of the driving reach. You can’t see the historical backdrop of your session, just the latest shot. For $100/year, you open the challenges and various highlights that make the driving extent more agreeable and helpful (distinctive camera edges, numeric show, and so forth). For $200/year, you get full course play on 10 WGT courses.


Likewise, I have done some extra testing outside and have seen some event awful peruses. All around, despite everything I think SkyTrak is exact and worth utilizing, however it’s not great. I don’t know whether the misreads are identified with the nature of golf ball being utilized or the open air condition.

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